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Cutting Edge Beverages/Juice Bowl

Represented: Texas and New Mexico







Cutting Edge Beverages, is a company that prides itself with high quality, great tasting, natural products that quench your thirst and add zest to your life. We care about bringing your family and children delicious and nutritious beverages – Better You. Better World®. Healthy Drinking for Life!!!


Chef's Corner

Represented: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas








Chef's Corner Foods is one of America's premiere food companies. With our focus on authenticity and simplicity, we can help you bring the world's favorite dishes to your very own cherished customers.

Founded in 2008 by local chefs with 40 years combined experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, we pride ourselves on high quality Pan Asian foods. Our products include all natural, local ingredients.


Hadley Farms Bakery

Represented: New Mexico and Oklahoma








Hadley Farms bakes a full line of golden, layered Croissants and a wide selection of "just like homemade" Cinnamon rolls, Sweet rolls and Danish Pastries. All products are fully baked and delivered frozen, ready to thaw and serve.


Integrated Food Service

Represented: Texas








HOT OFF THE GRILL!!! Integrated Food Service's product line consists of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Breakfast Items and Mexican Items including Quesadillas, Chalupas and Taco Sticks. We also manufacture pre-wrapped Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers and offer a complete Beef line of precooked Hamburgers, Sausage Patties, Beef Crumbles and Taco Meat.


Available through local distribution!




M&Q Plastics/ Pansaver

Represented: San Antonio, Austin, Rio Grande Valley, Houston, New Mexico







Pansaver is high-temp pan liner. It helps reduce waste, cleaning time, and allows you to store food instead of throwing it away. Pansavers come in all shapes and pan sizes. They also makes Scrubsavers, Pipinq Piping Bags, and Eco Markers for marking your pans.



Nardone Bros. Baking Co.

Represented: Texas and New Mexico






Nardone Bros. Baking Co. has been making traditional pizza products since 1942. Great quality is what their family still strives for! Their product line includes:

4x6 Rectangle Pizza, 8" Wedge Pizza, Stuffed Crust Wedge Pizza, 5", 6", & 7" Personal Round Pizza, 16" Self-Rising Crust Pizza, 16" New York Pizzeria Style Crust Pizza, 3x5 Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Bagel Pizza, and Many More!All of these products can be made with your favorite toppings, and most are available Individually Wrapped or with an Ovenable Box. ALL Products are available in 51% Whole Wheat Crust!


Available through local distribution!


Rodriguez Foods

Represented: Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma



Rodriguez is focused on producing quality and reliable Tamales, right here in Fort Worth. Now operating with second, third, and fourth generation Rodriguez family members, our dream is still very much alive.

Available thru your local distributor


Represented: Texas Statewide







SFG is a leader in high quality deli meats, hams, and hot dogs.

Thier product line includes: Hams and Deli Meats from Fischer's, Mickelberry's, and Field Packing, and All Beef Franks & Turkey Franks from Field Packing.


Tasty Brands

Represented: Texas Statewide, New Mexico








Tasty Brands is passionate about food! Their goal is to make items that look and taste homemade without all the labor! Their product line includes: WG Cheese Ravioli, WG Lasagna Roll-Ups, WG Traditional Pan Lasagna, WG Cheese Stuffed Shells, Quesadillas, Mini Tacos, Mini Pizza Bagels, Oven-Ready Breaded Okra, Oven-Ready WG Breaded Green Beans, and more!


Available through local distribution!

Wowbutter Foods

Represented: Texas Statewide, New Mexico









It's not peanut butter, but it tastes just like it! Since Wowbutter is made with soy beans, it is a great solution for peanut free schools. Multiple sizes available.

Available thru Dot Foods and local distributors