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Our Services: What Can We Do for Your Manufacturing Company?

For over 30 years McLean Marketing has partnered with Food Service Manufacturers helping to build and maintain strong relationships with food service distributors and customers. We believe that those relationships are crucial to setting your company and their products apart from the crowd. As a whole, we are well known for being able to develop and maintain good relationships with our customers who see us as honest, hard working, and attentive to their needs.


Sales is Our Specialty

Our seasoned sales team has many decades of sales and service experience, and has gained extensive knowledge of the food service industry over the years. We work at both the distributor level and with the end user to help them find products to meet the needs of their customer base. This includes daily presentations and product cuttings, regular meetings with key distributors, trade shows, and prompt follow-up.


Customer Service and Bids

Our Customer Service and Bid Department understand the ins and outs of both commodity and commercial bids. We process orders, aid in the coordination of commodity shipments, and help to solve any issues that may arise at both the distributor and end user levels.


We Know the Pulse of our Markets

Knowing the ever changing needs of customers in different markets is a must, especially with regulations for educational and healthcare food service programs becoming more strict than ever. To help meet these needs we continually provide market feedback to our partners. Let us help you feel the pulse of our markets.

 "Denise goes above and beyond to help the customers!"


Dania's virtual food shows are a hit!

-her fans


We're Here to help!  We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution.  Let us know what you want and we'll do our very best to help.

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